Saturday, February 11, 2012

My First Make up and Hair Trail ... very exciting

Wedding Hair and Make up are so very important and can also make or break your day. You want to look your best on your big day, not with too much make up and not enough. I don't wear much make up at all. But I do love going out and getting my hair and make up done for Balls, fancy dress parties, etc. It's such a nice feeling being pampered and a great result at the end. 

Credit to

After scrolling to millions of makeup and hair artists I narrowed it down to two artists, Mel Sundana from Forever Makeup and Amy Chan from Amy Chan Hair and Makeup Artisty. Amy was well recommended on the vogue forums and I was interested if I could get an appointment with her as she appeared to have heaps of work on. 

Credit to Mel Sundana
I decided to have two trials one with each of the girls to see what they both offered. My first one was with Mel Sundana. This is the link to her facebook page

Mel is beautiful and bubbly and knows her stuff. She made me feel at ease and listened to what I wanted. She even wanted to see what my going out dress was (as I was going out that night to the Opera bar for a night out).

I loved what she had done with my make up and hair but when I looked in the photos the next day, my foundation appeared to be a bit orange. So I'm not sure whether that was the colour of the foundation on me or the flash on the camera catching it. My mum via email said that my eyes were too dark - maybe because she's not used to seeing me with dark eye make up and false eyelashes on. 

Mel Sundana's Make up and Hair for my Trial

I loved my hair as it was very elegant and coming down to one side was nice. I usually have my hair all piled up on the top of my head so it was nice to have a different look. 

My work mates who I was out with, loved the overall look, and I was very impressed that it stayed the whole night intact. One eyelash fell off while I was sleeping, so it was a very funny look for FH to be waking up to the next morning as I just fell into bed after the night out...


  1. Oh what a gorgeous look for the special day! I love the sultry eyes and yes the hair is very elegant. :)

  2. looks very pretty and I am a fan of the classic hair do!