Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day .. hope everyone got an extra little bit of love

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, as the title says I really do hope that everyone got an extra little bit of love or happiness today regardless of whether they are coupled or single. I think just seeing the car in front of you loaded with flowers destined for some male or female and the surprise that the person receiving will experience is just enough to make me smile...

I do think that Valentines Day is over commercialised and all hyped up but still when you do get that beautiful single flower or a big bunch of roses, it is still very special. 

Beautiful red roses from FH (my photo)
I was very pleasantly surprised this morning by a beautiful bunch of roses which FH had sent me while overseas. I remembered him talking about before he went away and asked what would you like for valentines day.. I replied, just some flowers, thinking that he probably would forget but I didn't mind either way. And this morning he was true to his word. And they were just stunning!!

And the rest of the day was spent by having my fantastic monthly facial, a great luxury that I indulge in because I want beautiful skin for the wedding.

And then drove into the city to help my sister in law unpack and sort her new apartment out which was heaps of fun. 

Especially the rearranging of furniture so it looked perfect and then finding out the bed that she ordered had pieces missing. So frustrating!!!

So after a trip to ikea, where she found a great bargain on a rug and then to Bunnings, to find some brackets and screws to finish putting the bed together. We had a lovely thai dinner of spring rolls, dim sims, chicken pad thai and a beef kee maow. So yummy!!

I finally got myself home. Was just in time to speak to FH on skype which was fantastic and now its time to roll into bed, so buggered!!! But I did have a fantastic Valentine's Day and I hope everyone else did too..


  1. lucky girl!!! happy valentines day!! =)

    1. Aww, gorgeous flowers!

      Glad to hear you had a good Valentine's Day!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful day to me Hun! Lovely flowers too!!!