Thursday, February 23, 2012

Silver Lining to our MC Black cloud... such a relief

Well ... I said in my last post that our MC put us in an awkward situation and that I was emailing Salvatore Coco about whether he was available and what package that he had to offer.

Salvatore Coco MC - Credit to Salvatore Coco
He replied back to me instantly and we sorted out what we wanted and he gave me a discount as long as I confirm the booking by Friday this week. I emailed FH and he said yes, we'll book him in. So I replied back to Salvatore and we now have a new MC for our wedding. No deposit to be paid at present and he has sent me a MC run sheet and will contact me in August to arrange an appointment so we can meet and greet, organise the reception times and brainstorm to make it something special. 

Here's his face book page link as he's quite a busy person, who is a actor, MC and a lot of other things as well. But he can provide an MC service and entertainment for your wedding reception or just one service. We just chose the MC service as our DJ is the entertainment for us. Lots of dancing please!!

I contacted the other MC to say that we had found someone else and could we have our deposit back please. Apparently he is quite upset about how the whole situation has turned out and wishes that he had never asked me the question. I said that I wished he hadn't asked either as it had caused a lot of undue stress. He's going to refund our deposit which is nice of him, and we both wished each other best of luck for the future. 

So at least it was a decent ending to a shitty situation. I still felt a little sick at the end of that phone call, I guess it was just more disappointment on my behalf as he was genuinely sorry....

But moving on.... we have a new MC and that's what counts in the end!


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