Monday, February 27, 2012

Spell Check ... pity photoshop doesn't have it!

So last night I had armed myself with my black gel pen and was filling in the names on the RSVP cards and applying stamps to them and putting them in the pocket fold and then the invite into the addressed envelope. Thinking that this month of DIY envelope making was nearly over!

But to my horror ... I thought I'd just read through the invite one more time to make sure.. and I'm dam glad I did. Apparently photo shop has no spell check and I'd created all my invites parts on it.. ARGGGGHHH!!! You probably would of heard it outside if the door hadn't been shut. 

I had spelt circular quay as CIRUCLAR quay. ARRRRRHHHH!!! As shown in the offending picture below....

I'm such an idiot.... see the Circular Quay part (my photo)
 Ah I just had another moment then thinking that I'd spelt Restaurant wrong as well, as its such a weird looking word. About five or six of my friends and workmates have seen the invite already and none of them have picked it up. It's not that obvious to those who don't see it, but once seen you can't take your eye off it. Grrrr.....

So my advice to those making their own DIY invites, double, triple and whatever comes after that.. your invites, cause you don't want to spend the next two days like I am going to be, fixing your invites up again. Especially when I was so close to going to the post shop, sticking stamps on the envelope and sending them off.... 

At least the end is in sight though... 28 plus days sent making invites is rather time consuming and boring.... but they do look pretty!!!


  1. Replies
    1. I know! So many times i have checked it and only come across it now, so frustating!

  2. Oh no! We almost had a disaster too, noone picked up the spelling of one word... I can't remember it now! Lucky you caught it before the post office!