Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Time to actually put the pocket folds together.... a mission

Well, I've started the major process of putting the pocket folds together and god does it take ages. I've managed to put together 9 or ten of the pockets a night for the last couple of nights and it is a process. 

Invitation production line (my photo)

For the pocket folds it includes:
The process of the pocket fold (my photo)

  1. Printing the template (which I'd made a wee while back) onto my black metallic paper, A4 size.
  2. Gilloutining all the straight edges and then cutting by hand the ones that I can't gilloutine.
  3. Double sided taping the short edges of the pocket part and creating the pocket.
  4. Then double sided taping the back of the pocket and attaching the pocket to the outer lining. Making sure that it is even, that one side isn't longer than the other, overlapping, any tape showing and that I haven't pressed any creases into the card or ripped the folds by pressing them down to much. 
  5. Repeat x 60 with more times for failed attempts 
    Hard work I tell you. I've thrown a few out because they weren't perfect as well. 
    My main question to myself is: Why don't I ask someone to help me... The answer .. cause I want them all to be perfect and as much as I can the same as each other! So hence it has become a mission. Is this stupid?

    Because I ran out of black card last night I started on the actual information part of the invite today.

    Acutal Invite process involves:

    Creating the rectangle for cutting
    1. Printing the info on to a white card from Spotlight (I'd already designed the template a wee while back). 
    2. Measuring 4mm away from the border, and ruling a line until I'd created a rectangle around the invite, as shown in the photo. 
    3. Then that was guillotined, the fluff taken off the edges by a small pair of scissors 
    4. Double sided tape applied to the back of it and then stuck down on Mars Red Star dream paper purchased from Mr Craft Australia on eBay.
    5. Then the same process of measuring 4mm around the white invite on the red paper and creating a rectangle around the invite.
    6. Guillotining the red paper, removing the fluff with scissors
    7. Repeat 60 times with more for screw ups when the guillotine cuts it to close at times. 
    Finished main invite insert (my photo)
    And that's only the beginning of them, I've yet to attach the main invite to the pocket fold, sort of all the invite inserts, attach the belly band with it's little apple tree motif and then apply a small magnet to hold the invite together. 

    Am I insane.. yes probably but ah well by the end of it I'll have perfect invitations hopefully.

    And after a trip to Eckersley's this afternoon to purchase more black metallic card, I'm back onto the pocket fold making again. Only 32 more to create... argghhhh!!! And you can't have a glass of wine while doing this cause then cutting all the lines... they go wonky.. can't win.. hahah... 


    1. I am SO impressed with your efforts. I was thinking about putting together our own invitations, then I realised that I'd probably never be happy with my attempts. These look like they'll be amazing... and SO worth the hard work :)

      1. Thank you, sorry for the late reply to your comment. Yeah they took a lot of hard work, but I'm definitely happy with the end result :)