Saturday, February 25, 2012

Thongs, Jandals and Flip flops - for those with sore feet.....

High heels worn all day can seriously hurt those important things that we call feet.... And I can attest to this because I'm usually the one wandering around with my heels dangling from my hand and my bare feet caressing the pavement.. Or I've wrecked many a pair of black tights because I'm suffering from the same affliction... gotta find some comfy heels and boots I say.

Box of Jandals - Courtesy of 'I Do' It Yourself

I love the photo above, I found it in one of the blogs I read for DIY crafty things for weddings. Absolutely gorgeous. So to fix the above mentioned problem of sore feet, after reading a few brides recaps of their day and how well a box of jandals, flip flops or thongs (depending on where you're from), went down with the guests. I decided to pursue this activity and just before Christmas, Big W was having a big sale on blue and white jandals (sorry this is my name for them), so I purchased 20 of them for $1 a pair, in varying sizes from a 6 - 10 or 11, can't quite remember which was the biggest size I found. I know that the colours don't really fit in with the theme. But they will be placed in the bathroom or around the guest book table (yet to consult with Jess from Angelic Events on placement of them), so sort of out of the way but available for those in need. 

I attached a white belly band across the middle of them, made from a strip of white A4 paper, and then tied one of my tags that I've made very similar to the favour tags with the size of it to the strap part of the jandal with a ribbon. As shown in the photos below. 

Makeshift box of white and blue jandals (my photo)

Blue Jandal with band and size tag (my photo)

Size tag attached to jandal (my photo)

I'm quite happy with the way that they've turned out. They have the size easily visible to possibly drunken eyes and they're aren't too bad a quality for a $1 pair of jandals. Now I just have to find a nice black wicker basket to put them in as shown in the idea photo at the start of the blog. I've already got wide red ribbon that I was originally going to use on the invites, but it will be perfect to use to decorate the wicker basket.

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