Friday, June 15, 2012

Bridesmaid's dresses - they're ready for pick up!

I received an email last night saying that my bridesmaids dresses were ready to be picked up. So emailed back asking if I needed the girls to come with me to try them on or what was the usual procedure. 

Bridesmaids courtesy of Wedding Bee
She replied back saying yes that it would be good for all the girls to be there so that they can make sure the dresses are definitely ok, or if I do pick them up, get the girls to try them on before a week is out.

So now its time to find a day when both the australia girls aren't working, so I can get them to Miranda so they can try their dresses on. My sister's one doesn't matter so much as I'm going to send it to her in New Zealand with some money so she can get it altered. 

Yay its all very exciting. Nearly four months go to and its all falling into place reasonably perfectly!!


  1. I love your bridesmaid dresses! Especially the one on the left. I just ordered a potential bridesmaid dress off ebay. Hopefully it will be as gorgeous as it looks on the pics and I can order the rest!

  2. Sorry to disappoint but the dresses in the photo were some that I liked but nothing like the ones that I'm picking up. good luck with your dress on eBay. I'm sure it will be perfect :)

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