Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 4 months to go!

Arrggggggggggggggghh ... I think I will start this post off in this way. Not cause I'm stressing or anything like that, but because the day is starting to get even more closer. Now I feel better for letting that out. Haha. A few things have happened in the month gone by as you've seen by what I've posted about. Some good things mainly and a few bad things .. those dam water bottles.. but I will update you later on them at another time. And yes sorry, this is another word and list heavy count down post, but it is getting better I assure you, haha.

Counting down (my photo)
I look at my count down timer as shown in the photo above and think holy cow it was 140 odd days a few weeks ago and my how fast those few weeks have flown. It's great as well as FH will be coming home soon which I'm very much looking forward to. Can't wait to pick him up at the airport.

I've spoken to my florist and had a catch up with her and are extremely happy with the flowers. The bridesmaids dresses have been finished and are waiting to be picked up (my MOH has had her wisdom teeth out and isn't recovering too well, so don't want to bug her about trying them on, so will leave them in the shop till she is ready and well). 

I sent some emails to my ceremony and venue decorator just keeping her up to date with my progress on the things that I am making for the wedding and asked for a more recent quote, which was a good pleasant surprise. 

I think I've pretty much decided on my ring and will be putting a deposit down on it very soon. My dress has been picked up and is hanging on the back of the study door - must move that to my sister in law's soon before FH comes home so he won't see it. I found some of my wedding jewellery which I will blog about soon. And started to find my wedding day and night lingerie 
(a rather funny experience with my sister in law as I have no idea what to wear on the wedding night). And I also found my shoes, well have two pairs of shoes which I will break in and decide which one I like closer to the day - another thing to blog about. Haha.

My lists are starting to lessen which is nice as shown below as I slowly work through my DIY things and buy the things I need for other things:

Big things to do: some parts of this has changed, but not by much haha.
  • Order wedding bands - have almost sorted mine, FH will order his when he gets home.
  • Suits - FH has paid a deposit on them - will have his fitting in September
  • Bridesmaids Dresses - made. Awaiting MOH to get well so we can drop by the store.
  • Music - have almost decided the big ceremony songs, only need to find the recessional song now. 
  • Reception music - still have no idea! But we have a bit more time to go for that
  • Seating plan - can wait till FH gets home
  • Food tasting - We booked a date in for this in August and it happens to be the City to Surf day which FH is running in, so will be interesting to see how it is going to go.
  • MC - meet with the new one in August and plan how its going to run.
  • Vows - find some that we like as we aren't going to be writing our own.

Things to buy: -  I like the fact that this list is getting smaller as it means spending less money on things haha.

Ceremony things
Purchase bottles of water for ceremony
Bubble blower machine for celebrant to use and then for photos as well. Battery powered. Buy extra battery's and solution for photographer to have on hand
Bride items to buy
Head piece accessory for hair (bride)
Purchase shoes for bride
Purchase drop earrings and bracelet for bride
Purchase Lingerie for bride – wedding day and wedding night
Reception items to buy
Finish purchasing crystal scatters for tables from china
Purchase x 10 black frames for cake box signs
Purchase x 4 more acrylic frames for table numbers 
Purchase guest book

Things to make list is still rather large but you can see what I'm currently working on at the moment:

Ceremony to make:
Parasol labels
Order of service booklets:
         Names and love quote on front page
         2nd page ceremony info with people involved
         3rd page reading
         4th page map, drink and ice cream stops on way to reception
Water labels:
                Order from website
                Buy small bottles from Woolworths
                Remove labels and stick on new label
Working on the water bottles at the moment. Have ordered some new ones from another site so are waiting for them to turn up in the mail. Hopefully they will be a 100 percent better than the last ones. I'm just gutted cause when i pull the old labels off the original bottles that I've done, they rip and make a hell of a mess on the bottle. So I've just decided that I'm going to buy some more and drink the ones I've already made with the old labels on, haha, problem solved.

Help yourself frame for ceremony table for water, fans, order of programs
                Black frame with white card and black border, black font
Line timber St Andrew's boxes with something for fans, order of ceremony's and bubble bottles.
Large jar for ribbon wands with black ribbon tied around it
Tie black ribbon around cote de roti box for parasols to be kept in

I've also reassessed some of the things on my list as FH said that less is actually more when it comes to decorating, so I've decided to tone down on a few things and cut some of them out completely and sell some of them on eBay to make it little bit of coin to fund my other wedding projects. 
Reception to make:
Table names:
Great Ocean Road – (Wreck Beach,12 Apostles), Opera Bar, Cockle Bay, Airlie Beach, Gatton, Nelson, Greys Point – Fishing, Dubbo – zoo, from acryclic magnetic photo frames.
White card with black border, story written in black font
Put a Story under special name of place to make it interesting for guests.
Menu lists - 
       White card with black underlay
Have started to make the below place cards and they look really great. Will finish my post about them later this coming month as well. 

Place Cards:
Small white card
Black writing with black border on white card with black backing
Cork mounts for place cards
       Medium sized ribbon tied around them
       Slice a hole through the top for place card to sit in
Guest names:
Big Photo frames for names of people at tables with two black and white photos of us in them
Names to be in black bordered card, ten to a table, nice font
Heading of place name in large black font
Spoke to Jess about hiring Easels to display the guest name frames on, and it's worked out so much cheaper to hire them instead of buying them, and it means that they aren't laying around at home taking up room

Cake boxes:
Frames with wording “please take a slice of cake home to enjoy tomorrow.” For cake boxes to go on tables when cake is sliced up and served.
Need 10 frames for the 10 tables. Writing to be in black with plus/minus black border
Still on a mission to find 10 4 by 6 black frames that are cheaper than $5 bucks each that don't look terrible. Am scouring the dollar and reject shops but haven't found anything that I like yet. Any ideas as to where I might find cheaper frames.

Jandal box:
Tie black ribbon around box like parasol box.
Line inside
Bathroom baskets –
Collect things for kits (bandaids, panadol, quik ease, mints etc)
Make sign using black photo frame with quirky phrase
Basket with black ribbon tied around it
Guest Book:
Buy guest book from Etsy Seller
Create guest book question parts on white card
Create Square for photo spot on page
Frame for guest book table with info on what to do with it and polaroid camera
Wishing well:
Paint wishing well black.
Put red ribbon around wishing well
Place fake red and black roses in base of wishing well with tissue paper
Frame with wishing well instructions inside
Black envelopes with plain white cards for those who need them.
Now the wishing well has been a fun task so far, talk about getting paint fumes as I've been painting it in the kitchen. I found out that nail polish remover is great for getting acrylic paint off your arms when you get it on them. Water doesn't take it off at all. I will do a post when I've finished this so you can see what I've created.

Wooden letters:
Paint large wooden names black and red
Paint small names black and red.
Working on these, but the wood seems to be soaking the paint up quite a bit, so on my next day off, I think a trip up to bunnings is called for.

Invitation to make’s
      Wedding pack info for those who rsvp – map, parking, cd for photos, after 
      wedding lunch bbq info (to be posted 1-2mths before wedding day).
So that is pretty much my progress on my lists and I'm quite happy with how it is going, but I still keep getting Arggh moments where I want to jump up and down and let off steam. Has this happened to you in the build up to the wedding day. I don't actually feel stressed, it's just a weird feeling of "oh my god, the day is actually getting closer and all my planning is going to be put in place". 


  1. I've seen cheap frames in Big W.. some for like 2 for $4.

    Reading your lists make me feel like mine are inadquate and like I have a lot left to go! haha

    1. Thanks for that, I checked today but Miranda only had a small selection. So went to the Reject shop and hit the jack pot. Yippee, so can cross those ones off my list.

      Don't feel inadequate, these just help me remember what I have to do, and plus you've got ages to go. Its all good :)

  2. Ohh, it's all coming together... wedding time before you know it! How exciting xx

    1. Yup it is getting rather exciting. So can't wait!

  3. 4 months will fly by.
    Make sure your guest book is somewhere visible where people will actually write in it. My SIL had theirs in the reception and hardly anyone wrote in it

    1. Thanks for the advice. I'm putting it in the canape/dancing area of our reception as we have two separate rooms so I'm sure they will find it when mingling before we arrive :)