Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding Accessories ... Earrings and Bracelet

Now that I've posted about my wedding band being ordered I might as well tell you all that I've found my earrings and bracelet, which I was very very excited about finding. I had been scouring the cheaper jewellery shops such as Lovisa and Diva and such, and didn't really find anything. Going through numerous online wedding accessory shops and didn't see anything that really took my fancy. I was originally going to go with long statement earrings, but found out that they wouldn't really work with my dress.

Pretty in pink with statement earrings - Credit to Socialnormslink
Plus I'd picked up a few earrings to try on at my dress fitting and they didn't seem right at all. Will pop a photo in so you can see what I mean. I had to find something that didn't have too much bling on as my dress has it's own little dose of bling included and sparkles on my veil.

All semi blinged up as a practice run at my fitting (my photo)
So you can see in the above photo that the earrings are way to long and the clip isn't in the right place at all. I think the girls were playing around with it. I'm actually going to have it shoved in the back as it takes up too much room in the front. My hair isn't properly styled, its how I usually wear it for work. And that is the veil that I'm going to use. It's got tiny little diamante attached to the edges of it, so its got bling on it as well. But you get the general idea of what I mean by way too much bling. So I needed to find something understated and nice. 

Sparkles on the edge of my veil (my photo)
One of the girls who had got married last year brought her jewellery from Chilton's Antique store in Miranda, just opposite the Miranda Westfield. Seeing as I live just down the road, I thought I'd go and check it out. And low in behold, they were having a big sale and I got my my jewellery for 30% off. It would of usually been $205 but I got it for $144. A whole lot more than I was originally willing to spend but this will last a lifetime longer that what the stuff would of had I brought it at Lovisa or the cheaper stores. And I love it. It's very sparkly and nice. The lady in the store and I were joking that I'd be on salad this week to pay for it. I was originally going to lay by it, but then if I did that, I'd miss out on the 30% off. So I bit the bullet and paid for it in full. Haha, no salad for me, just normal lite n easy.

So here are the photos of my lovely jewellery, they are made of cubic zirconia in an antique setting and rhodium plated, so I shouldn't have an itchy allergic reaction to them which I get with the cheaper metals.

Pretty Earrings from Chilton's (my photo)
Just the perfect size (my photo)
The Bracelet from Chilton's (my photo)
Trying the bracelet on (my photo)
I love the tiny one at the end of the chain (my photo)

My only qualm is: Do I now need to get a different hair comb? It is very sparkly and sort of goes with my earrings. It will be tucked in the back of my hair so it shouldn't get in the way hopefully. I've taken a photo with my earrings and comb together. 

The hair comb where it should be at my fitting (my photo)
Deciding whether I need to get a new hair comb (my photo)
What do you think? I think that I could possibly get away with it but am open to the fact that they may not match and I may have to purchase another. Chilton's does have one that could go with the earrings and bracelet. It is more oval in nature and about half the size of the hair comb that I have now.


  1. Hrmmm... I'm thinking something smaller and more circular/oval in shape would compliment your jewellery more. But that's just my opinion! I love those earrings and the bracelet though :)

    1. Thank you, that was what I was pretty much thinking aswell.

  2. I looveee the jewellery and I will def. keep this place in mind for when I am looking. I am not sure about the comb either now though. I think you will need to put everythign on as close to the real deal as possible and then assess.

    1. Thank you. I really value everyone's opinion. In fact, as I'm on a day off today, I'm going to head up to Chilton's this afternoon and see what I can find, as don't really want to leave it too late and then end up missing out on things, and have it not looking right on the day.

  3. I love those earrings (and the rest). Agree with the above comments but I dont' think it looks bad at all. more just if you find one that matches better, then maybe replace it.

    I'm not sure that anyone but you would notice on the day!

    1. Thank you. I'm going to keep looking as I didn't really find anything that I liked. So may use it in the end.