Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wedding Accessories: Shoes .. the search is over!

Yay the search for my white satin wedding shoes is over. After sending a few pairs back to and receiving my refunds back for them within 14 days, it certainly made it easier for me to find my dream ... well semi dream pair of wedding shoes. I originally wanted blue ones, but have settled for white, which I'll dye and wear on dry days. I didn't want to run the risk of having them dyed and it then raining on my wedding day and getting a blue bottomed dress... Classy baby.. haha. 

Way to sort out those puddles on a rainy day - Credit to Tie The Knot
So lets show you my new pair of shoes. Well actually two pairs of shoes. I have a plain pair and a embellished pair. So that way when we start our dancing lessons eventually, I can wear them and see which is the most comfortable. They are both the same height and my dress has been hemmed to the height of them. Not mega high, just comfortable. I think I'll also find a pair of cute ballet slippers to wear when kicking up my heels on the dance floor if my feet start to kill me. Here's the first pair:
Naomi Dyeable Sandal from $53.95

The box the first pair came in (my photo)
Side view - nice and plain and simple (my photo)

The front view - simple, elegant bands over the foot (my photo)

So this pair is very nice and simple. My big toe comes over ever so slightly on the front of it due to the shaping of the toe of the shoe. I wasn't completely happy with it but thought I'd just deal with it if I couldn't find something else. But lucky for me, I found something else even better
The Melissa Sandal from $69.95
And they look just like they were described (my photo)
On my feet - scuse the cankles and legs, not my fav part of me (my photo)
And the embellishments - scuse the nail polish I'm in need of a redo haha (my photo)
So overall I'm very happy with both pairs but I think I will go with the second pair as they are very comfortable to wear and I love the little bit of sparkle that they have. I'm keeping the first pair as a back up plan. I apologise for the dodgy leg shots. My legs, ankles and feet aren't my happy part of my body. I've been dealt varicose veins and fallen arches but have learnt to deal with it over the span of my life so far. Nothing that a fake tan can't hide in the summer. Those tans do wonders to hide the blemishes. And for the nail polish. It's one of those things that I wish I could do beautifully and often haha like some of the lovely blogs that I follow. I usually paint my toe nails when I'm going out but haven't been out for a wee while and have been wearing ballet flats lately, so my apologies for the half on, half off polish, and different colours haha.

My fav pair of ballet flats. They are a beautiful dark blue velvet, but the photo doesn't really do them any justice (my photo)
What are you doing when your feet get sore ... are you going to have a nice pair of ballet flats or low heels? I'm in two minds... do I start searching for a nice satin/ velvet blue pair or stick to the white satin theme? The photo above are currently my favourite pair of ballet flats which I got from Kmart for $15 I think. I love them to death but they aren't very supportive when your shopping in them for a wee while, so I think I will find something special that has a little bit more support in them.


  1. I adore those ballet flats! I have a few pairs from Kmart that are just great and such a bargain price too. The wedding shoes you have are just stunning too, nice choices. :)

    1. Yeah I love them too, was so lucky that they had a size 9 as that size seems to sell out extra fast. I think I'll head back there and grab a pair to put in my wedding glory box to keep for special just in case I do decide to use them

  2. Beautiful shoes! I have been inspired to dye my wedding shoes now by you. They have been ruined in the mud on my wedding day... Hope the day is fine for you when the day comes!

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping it is fine as well. But if not, it means fantastic moody photos, so I'm ok with it at the moment haha if it does rain. I'm glad i've inspired you. It seems a waste to throw out shoes when they can potentially be dyed.

  3. I love both pairs of shoes :-)

    They look like they will both be almost as comfortable for dancing. Will only be the toe overhang issue.

    I would dye your favourite ones blue, then keep the others as rainy day shoes. Then change into the favourite blue ones during the reception regardless. Then you'll have them for dancing and they'll be the ones you wear the longest (cause the ceremony won't really last that long).

    Then have blue flats to change into if your feet get sore. If you're wearing the blue shoes at the reception that will be keeping with your 'theme' :-)

    1. Yeah i'm pretty happy with both but I think i will be going with the sparkly ones as they don't have the toe overhang issue. Thanks for the shoe advice as well, but i think i will just stick to white shoes and not dye them just incase of drink spillages or bathroom puddles, so I don't wreck my dress.

      I am definitely going to do the blue flats though, cause that is my shoes off dance in barefeet stopper, haha.

  4. Nice shoes! I have considered getting a comfortable pair for if my feet get sore too... my dress will cover them anyways. I don't want to have to sit down at my own wedding because of blisters and I refuse to do the no shoes walk lol

    1. Haha yeah I'm prone to getting sore feet and blisters so will be going the way of flats for later on, plus you can sometimes dance easier in flat shoes without fear of rolling your ankle in heels :)