Monday, June 04, 2012

Wedding water bottles ... let's customise them...

I thought it would be a nice idea to provide some water for our guests as when we visited our ceremony site last year around the time of our wedding date to be, it was rather hot and then the week after it absolutely poured with rain. So I thought I'd cross my fingers and hope that it would be warm and thought I'd buy some water to provide the guests, and personalise the bottles while I was at it because I could. Good enough excuse I reckon... So this post is about customising my water bottles.

Water bottle photo courtesy of Ruffled
I scoured the internet looking for inexpensive water bottle labels in Australia but mostly found overseas websites and came across the following ones that looked affordable:

But ended up going with Creative Label Concepts as both FH and I liked one of their labels in particular as shown below:

Water bottle label from Creative Label Concepts
It turned out to cost $53 for thirty labels including postage and handling from the United States. I needed Ninety but I thought id just buy a small amount to make sure they were ok. They did end up being over $100 odd all up but that also included postage and handling from the states. And it wasn't coming out of the wedding budget, but out of my own pay as most of my DIY stuff has, so I don't really notice it... it's just a few Chai lattes, McDonald's or a dinner out less than usual which doesn't bother me.

They sent me an email so I could confirm that I was happy with the sticker proof and this was what it looked like:

The sticker proof which was sent to me

The first thirty arrived and they looked great. Matte in nature on extreme waterproof adhesive material to stick on the bottles.

The actual labels in real life (my photo)
I then went across to Coles and found some small 300ml water bottles which were the perfect size, I think they were 24 bottles for $7, which was good. I know that the lid colour doesn't match the label perfectly but I figure it doesn't really matter. They still look quite good.

The Coles water bottle (my photo)
I pulled off the original labels and applied my own ones which was a bit time consuming and rather hard to get all the lines to match up. There are a couple of perfect ones but the other ones vary so I'm not worried at all about that as they will be thrown out when they are used.

Original Label removed (my photo)

Lining the label up (my photo)

Wrapping the label around the bottle (my photo)

Not so perfect matching lines (my photo)

Some perfect backs - some not so perfect (my photo)

The front of the water bottles (my photo)

I ordered the other sixty labels and with postage and handling it came to about $70 and received an email saying that they were having problems matching the colour of the first order and that they would send out thirty extra labels along with the sixty labels that I had ordered so there wouldn't be too much of a problem with the colour matching. I was rather impressed with their service and the fact that they were rectifying the problem for free which was a bonus. 

So I'm just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. But have completed 19 bottles so far with 11 more stickers to go at the moment. Have to pop across to Coles to buy some more bottles as I ended up drinking most of them myself or taking them to work when they had the original label on. So when the others turn up, there will be 60 more to make. No rush :)

I've stored the ones I've made so far in one of my lite n easy boxes (i'm sure they won't miss it) and chucked them under FH's desk in the study, as he's not at home for another few months so it will keep them nice and cool in the meantime. As that was one of the questions he asked me... will the water go off, and why don't you wait till I get home and we'll do it then.. my answer was ... the expiry date is 2014 and I don't really think water goes off unless its left in the sun or opened, and I'm planning to have everything finished before you come home so I've got no stress in the months leading up to the wedding day (as he gets home about two months before the wedding - lucky for some haha, missing out on all the DIY crafts and wedding hiccups).

The pretty little bottles so far (my photo)


  1. That is such an awesome idea! And I think they look pretty good form the back too. Even if they're not perfect, I doubt anyone will notice. They look great! :)

  2. They look great! Our church has no air con and we are getting married the day before summer begins, so I thought about having these too. Nice to know they end up looking great!

    1. Haha thank you. Yeah that will be a wee bit hot in the church with no aircon.

  3. Wow they look really good!! I love that the company added 30 more to your order to make sure they you had all the one colour awesome service!!
    We are doing welcome bags for our guests and I was thinking about doing this, and now seeing these pictures makes me want to try them! ;)

    1. Yeah that was a bonus that they did that. Was so happy. Just waiting for them to arrive in the mail. Definitely try them. Check out the different sites, there are heaps more out there as well, especially in the US. And they are fun to customise :)