Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wedding Nightmares .. Have you had one yet?

I woke up early this morning and then fell back asleep into the weirdest wedding dream that I have had by far! It's not the first wedding dream I have had, but generally I'm not so distressed as I was in this dream.

Wedding nightmare credit to Wedding Bee
I was dreaming about my dress which (in the dream) I had made by a dress designer. After my last fitting, I picked up my dress and it was all wrong. The quality of the dress was bad, there was black cotton stitching where it should of been white and this was on the front of the dress, visible to the eye. The zip was not done professionally and mismatched at the top where the zip ends meet. And the layers looked absolutely terrible. 

I made myself wake up and look across to my door where my dress is currently hanging, going there is your dress, it is fine, it is perfect, it is nothing like the one that you were dreaming about. Don't worry, clear your head and go back to sleep. 

I've had a few wedding dreams before but nothing to the extent of this one. My last one involved the photographer taking guests away for photos just as I was about to walk down the aisle at the ceremony, I ended up going bridezilla on his ass and made him bring them all back so we could finally get married and he could document it. So crazy!

I've found that if I do something intensely wedding related before I go to bed, I'll dream about something to do with the wedding. I didn't do anything like that last night. Actually I was out having a few drinks with my friend from NZ who I hadn't seen in a long time. We had been talking about the wedding, so maybe that might of caused it.

Have you had any weird wedding dreams yet?


  1. I didn't have any wedding related dreams before our wedding, but did have one after our perfect day. I think it was actually on our minimoon I had a terrible nightmare! We had just a small wedding and in my dream all my not invited extended family were there, the ceremony was going to start and they were being soo noisy, I went around to tell them all to shut up and they just laughed at me! I kept yelling at them and they just laughed even louder. It was awful. But I think I must have been half awake because I remember thinking thank god our actual wedding wasn't like this!

    Hope you have less bad dreams and more nice ones :)

    1. Haha its funny how the mind plays tricks on you. I hope I don't have any more bad ones as well. I'm just glad I can wake myself up out of them. A good technique which I learnt when I was younger and having really bad nightmares.