Friday, July 20, 2012

Something completely off topic .. but so very cool!!!

Yesterday I visited the Miranda RTA as I had booked my hazard perception test as I had been on my Red P's for longer than what I should of but just couldn't find the time to go in and sit my test. 

Red P Plate - Photo credit to Where I live

My plan before FH comes home is to sit my Hazard perception test and progress to my Green p's and meet him at the airport with green p plates on my little Sparky car. And see whether he actually notices haha. 

So I went and sat my test, I was sooo nervous and didn't really know what to expect as the tests on the RTA website are nothing like what the test is. So I started the test and went right this is like what it is when I'm driving, just do what you'd do when you are out and about in the car. I finished the test and didn't touch the screen a few times as I didn't think it was safe to go and was worried that I'd screwed the thing up totally. There were a few other girls waiting for an attendant to tell them whether they had passed. So I sat talking to one of the girls who was next to me. She told me that she'd failed the test multiple times and I was like oh oh. She ended up failing again yesterday, and I was like oh no. Eventually the attendant came to my station and checked my answers and a Congratulations screen flashed up and I was told that I had passed. 

Green P Plates - Photo credit to
Boy was I happy, I couldn't believe that I'd done it, but now I'm the proud of a P2 license and my Sparky is now fitted out with brand new green p plates. Yippee. I was so excited yesterday that when talking to FH, I told him that I was having a great day but couldn't tell him why. He suggested a million and one things, which I politely said nope to, even though he didn't mention any the proper reason, so it was rather funny. So I've managed to keep it a secret so far. But one of the girls at work posted on my face book red or green p's and I hope didn't blow my secret. He hasn't mentioned it today, so fingers crossed he hasn't seen it. 

But any ways, its rather cool, so my plan is coming along nicely. I contacted a balloon place today to arrange some helium balloons  in red and white heart shapes which I'm going to meet him at the airport with. So can't wait!!! Yes it all sounds rather tacky, but I do love my FH dearly and I haven't seen him for a very very long time and I'll do anything to show him that I love him so much!!!


  1. Yay! Congrats on passing! I get so nervous taking the tests too.

    Love the heart balloons. So sweet!

    J x

    1. Thanks Jorji, love your blog by the way. Just had a look and its great :)

  2. Awesome Congratulations!