Sunday, July 08, 2012

Rainbows and a new hair colour .. its been a great week!

I had a bit of a change this week. I had my usual hair appointment on Thursday before night shift every six weeks as the regrowth was starting to get a wee bit out of control again. I walked into the salon and sat down and decided that I needed a change. My hairdresser went oh dear, not with three months to the wedding and I said yes I am having a hair crisis! 

Photo Credit to

So she started googling images of Jennifer Aniston and her current hairstyle. I was the only one in the salon at this stage so the rest of the girls were in on it helping her to find the ideal photo. I can't find the exact photo that she showed me, but because of all the multi colours in my hair at the moment, it seemed to be the right fix to my problem. You would of seen a photo of my crazy thick blonde streaks with a brown contrast in my wedding earrings and bracelet wedding post, and then I realised it was getting out of control and not the true me any more. So the photo below is a better idea of what my colourist thought would suit me.

Jennifer Aniston's Hair - credit to Woman Elan Vital
So after sitting through foils and the heat process and having my hair washed with some amazing honey and oatmeal shampoo and having a wonderful blow dry, I put my glasses on and instantly fell in love with what she'd done to my hair. It was more me, not so crazy and outlandish and I can imagine myself looking better in my wedding dress as my hair would suit it so much better. If that makes sense. 

Not the best photo of it, but it looks so much better than what it did when I first walked in that day (my photo)

One of the girls who usually washes my hair commented as I was about to leave, that it was the happiest that she has ever seen me in the salon, so my colourist must of got my colour right. I very much agreed with her and was so happy. So it's pretty much a work in progress, but I do love it so much more now.

And onto the rainbows ... when I finished work this morning after my last night, I was driving home through Brighton le sands and the most amazing rainbow appeared and it was extremely distracting. I think I sat at a green light for a little while too long, and another car was doing the same thing behind me too.. haha. The rainbow disappeared as soon as I crossed over into the Sutherland shire, so I concluded that my home is definitely my pot of gold, as there is a pot of gold at the end of any rainbow, you just have to find it, and I have found mine :). Here are some of the photos that I took on my drive home this morning:

My first stopping point of the beautiful rainbow (my photo)

Looking towards the sutherland shire - there is another rainbow to the left of this one (my photo)

Looking out across Botany Bay (my photo)

The other side of the rainbow (my photo
So I hope you enjoyed the rainbow as much as I did :)


  1. Your hair looks gorgeous! And your photos are just amazing. That Botany Bay one is just wow!

    1. Thank you. The photos were taken on my phone. I keep telling myself that I have to stop and take photos of the bay when I'm driving past after nights at 7-7.30am in the morning as its such a beautiful time especially with the crazy weather we're having at the moment. The waves are all white tipped and wintery looking and the cloud patterns are often quite amazing. :)

  2. your hair looks great, I love it!!

    1. Thank you so much. I'm very happy with it :)

  3. Your hair looks really great!! and beautiful pictures of the rainbow!!

  4. Thank you. I love my hair now. no more looking in the mirror going I'm really not happy with it, love love love it :)