Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Restaurant Review ... Viet Wraps and Rolls

I went to this lovely Vietnamese resturant last night with a friend called Viet Wraps and Rolls. It's what i would call a hole in the wall in a great way. Very simple and basic and has absolute to die for food. It was only my friend and I in there for about an hour or so and the staff were extremely attentive bringing out a mix of utensils for all the yummy food that we ordered. They are at 355 Bay Street in Brighton Le Sands, Sydney, and I throughly recommend going there as you very nearly had to roll me out of the door as I was that full!!!

Inside the restaurant - Photo credit to Viet Wraps and Rolls

The food is very inexpensive and very yummy. The first thing I went looking for was Beef Pho, as when I was travelling through Vietnam, that was pretty much my staple diet. And boy did it live up to it. Full of flavour, heaps of noodles, very satisfying. We also ordered 4 entrees as my friend wanted to try a few things. All photos below were taken from the Viet Wraps and Rolls Facebook page, as I was too busy eating to remember to take photos.

We had prawn and pork dumplings:

Photo credit to Viet Wraps and Rolls
Rice paper Rolls - duck ones, so good, obviously not served as they were on the night, but you get the idea.
Photo Credit to Viet Wraps and Rolls
Salt and Pepper Squid and also the Viet Crispy Crepe which was rather delish. But I couldn't find photos of them. Everything was served healthy with salad and bean sprouts. I could taste minimal oil and there was not much grease in the food when it was served. The restaurant prides itself in being Be Green, Be Healthy as that is on their advertising and you can defintely see it in the food. It is fantastic. 

I enquired about the delivery, and they deliver to Caringbah, so I quickly snapped up their takeaway menu and put that in my handbag for safe keeping. I can tell you they are going to get a few phone calls for their beef pho and dumplings :)

See the photos below for their take away menu:

I think our meal cost $57 all up, very cheap and very yummy. I very much recommend going if you are on a budget and want some fantastic food!!!!  I will be bringing FH with me next time so he can see what its like, as I was making him jealous of my full tummy and yummy food that we had when I was talking to him last night. 


  1. Yum. I love not only how tasty Viet food is, but also how CHEAP! We have two Viet restaurants within walking distance of our new place, so I envisage a fair few cheap "emergency" dinners and takeaways on the nights I can't be bothered cooking!

    1. Yeah its fantastic. So tempted to go and pop in on the drive to work to get some Beef Pho but don't know how well it will travel in the car for half hour. Might visit them tomorrow on my half day off instead haha.