Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wedding Count Down ... 3 months to go!

This month has been at times rather unproductive due to lack of motivation, things not needing to be done just yet and over all, can't really be bothered. I don't really know why either as my DIY list has many a fun thing to make and create but I figure that I've hit a standstill and needed to do things that weren't wedding related like going out with friends for dinner, working and catching up on sleep as work as has been rather stressful and busy lately. I apologise now as this post is a bit word, list and link heavy.

Count down timer (my photo)
And I also apologise as this was supposed to have been posted yesterday but due to finishing night shifts yesterday morning and then going out with my sister in law to be and her friends last night has left a very very hung over me not able to get myself out of bed until now haha, I've ordered myself some Vietnamese from the lovely restaurant I blogged about a few days ago and are waiting for it to be delivered.  So it is now officially two months and  30 days to go, haha.

My count down clock has been slowing decreasing, it's now below 91 days and that is kinda crazy huh, or as a friend of FH put it, in so and so weeks at the time I will be looking gorgeous, which was very nice of her but also freaked me out a little bit at the same time. It's not that I don't want to get married, I can't wait to marry FH and spend the rest of my life with him. It's just that I'm slightly nervous of the big day. The deadline, the day that all this planning has finally come down to.

FH is coming back from overseas next month and I can't wait to see him. It will be great as he has been away since the beginning of this year. I'm taking close to two weeks off so I can get all my odd jobs out of the way like making myself beautiful for him, getting the apartment spick and span and ticking off some wedding jobs that don't require his input, so that way when he comes back it will be all about him and the boat which we are getting fixed up and not all about us and the wedding, which there will be a small amount of as we do have some appointments to attend that need to be sorted and paid. 

The big list of things to do has changed a smidgen but not by much, it will be better by the end of this month which will be good. Things to do this month include: 
  • Bridesmaids Dresses - Picking them up on the 31st July as I've finally been able to round up the girls and set a date. I'll be posting my sister's one home so she can get it altered closer to the time. 
  • Wedding rings - Mine should hopefully be ready by the end of next month, and we will start looking for FH's when he gets back as it takes about 8 weeks to have one made.
  • The boy's suits - FH will round up the boys when he gets back and take them all in for a fitting. That will be fun for them.Apparently two of the boys have already popped in and had their measurements taken which is very good of them.
  • Ceremony Music - We have made some advancements in this area. We have chosen: 
  • Processional: Everything by Lighthouse - quite a long song, perfect for me and the girls to walk down the aisle too and it gives me goose bumps every time I hear it. I was worried that it would be too religious as we aren't religious at all but if you take it in the context of one person needing another, it is absolutely perfect!

  • Reception Music : We have found one for the Bridal waltz and the Cake Cutting. For the Bridal Waltz we have chosen: James Morrison - I won't let you go

  • Cake Cutting song - rather non traditional but both FH and think it's a great song. Love Love Love by Avalanche City. I love the video clip, its so cute!

  • So that is our advancement in the music area. But I'll do a post later on about our music choice when we finalise them.
  • Vows - still no idea really but haven't focused on them much
  • Menu Tasting - booked in and ready to go on the 12th August. So can't wait, we are bringing S, FH's sister along with us so we get another meal included in the tasting. Just trying to choose the samples that we want to taste so we can pick two out of three of them. They are looking so yummy!!
  • MC meeting - have booked that for the 7th August and Jenny the wedding planner is also coming along so she can meet the MC and FH. So that will be fun. Also get to show her all my creations so she knows what's going on with that. 
So it's good to know that some of these things will be crossed off and sorted by the time I do the 2 months to go. Now that is even scarier, haha.

My things to buy list has decreased and increased ever so slightly but with some cheaper things, not expensive ones thank god:

Wedding to buy list

Ceremony things
Bubble blower machine for celebrant to use and then for photos as well. Battery powered. Buy extra battery's and solution for photographer to have on hand

Bride items to buy
Purchase Lingerie for bride – wedding day – bra and underwear
-  wedding night – teddy and underwear
Purchase Hair extensions from Hair Warehouse - pay lay by off by 27th August.

Reception items to buy

Purchase guest book
Buy bathroom boxes from down the road
Buy items for bathroom boxes
Small square vase for guest book table
Pens, photo stickers for guest book
More polaroid camera film for the camera for guest book

And the things to make list is getting smaller in size as well, which is very good, means I can spend more time with FH instead of making things for the wedding:

Wedding to make list

Ceremony to make:
Parasol labels
Order of service booklets:
Names and love quote on front page
2nd page ceremony info with people involved
3rd page reading
4th page map, drink and ice cream stops on way to reception

Have found a great idea for the order of service booklets, so I can't wait to mock them up and see what they are going to look like  
Help yourself frame for ceremony table for water, fans, order of programs
                Black frame with white card and black border, black font

Line timber St Andrew's boxes with something for fans, order of ceremony's and bubble bottles.

Large jar for ribbon wands with black ribbon tied around it

Tie black ribbon around one of the wooden boxes for parasols to be kept in

Currently struggling with this one as the box that I got just doesn't seem to be working well, so I might have to pad it out a little bit with some polystyrene from Spotlight.

Reception to make
Table names:
Have purchased the acrylic frame, just waiting for it to arrive in the mail so I can finish them.

Menu lists - white card with black underlay with rough type writer font
                Will be able to mock up the menu lists after we have our menu tasting next month.

Place Cards:
Make each name card as the guests rsvp's

Guest names:
Big Photo frames for names of people at tables with two black and white photos of us in them
Names to be in black bordered card, ten to a table, nice font
Heading of place name in large black font – use rough typewriter font

Jandal box:
Tie black ribbon around box like parasol box.
Line inside

Bathroom baskets –
Collect things for kits (bandaids, panadol, quik ease, mints etc)
Make sign using black photo frame with quirky phrase
Basket with black ribbon tied around it
                Nice baskets from shop down the road

Guest Book:
Buy guest book from Etsy Seller
Create guestbook question parts on white card
Create Square for photo spot on page
Frame for guest book table with info on what to do with it and polaroid camera
Square vase with fake red flowers in it

Wishing well:
Frame with wishing well instructions inside
Black envelopes with plain white cards for those who need them.

Wooden letters:
Paint large wooden names black and red
Paint small names black and red.

Invitation to make’s
Wedding pack info for those who rsvp – map, parking, cd for photos, after wedding lunch bbq info (to be posted 1-2mths before wedding day).

Complete clutch boxes and put paper shreds and jewellery box inside. Tie with thick black ribbon.
Make small card with thank you inside.

So that is pretty much my progress over the last month and all the things that I need to do this month. It seems like a lot but when I put my mind to things, I can knock them over pretty quickly, like the wishing well and acrylic frames. 

Oh and also the most important thing this coming month is to pick FH up from the airport, haha. Hope all your wedding planning progress is coming along as well as mine is :) 



  1. i love 'I won't let you go' by James Morrisson. Such a beautiful song.

    You are so organised, I need to take a leaf out of your book!

    1. Yeah I love it too, makes me happy when I hear it, especially when on the radio I can imagine me and FH dancing to it :). Haha I've had to be organised as haven't really had FH around to organise it. We did a lot of it before he went away so its just really all my DIY things to sort out.