Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Wedding Water Bottle Update ... The new labels have arrived!

After the initial drama of the second batch of labels being completely the wrong colour. I did some more research and found another company who were much cheaper than the first company. And I actually liked their design more than I did the first company. This company is called LabelsRus.com and they are based in America so it took two weeks for them to be shipped out. 

Funky wedding water bottles in real life - Image credit to What a Wedding Blog
Emmett, was the man who was keeping me updated and helped me to finalise the design by sending a draft copy by email, just like the other company did.

The draft water bottle label (my photo)
He then emailed me later, saying that he had included an extra 50 labels as there were some imperfections in the black print. I'm starting to wonder what is wrong with the American printers haha. But they do look good. The only thing that I've noticed is if you accidentally scratch the black colour on the label it comes off leaving a white mark, so I'm going to have to wrap them all in tissue paper to keep them nice before the wedding. Not a hard task, as everything that I seem to buy at the moment is coming wrapped in tissue paper, so a good way to recycle it i reckon. 

Not scratch proof, see the white marks towards the bottom, I've had to throw a couple out because they were quite decent scratches caused by creases in the label. But it doesn't matter as I ordered 100 only wanting to use 80 and he's given me 150 in total (my photo)
These ones are much simpler and classier. I still do like the original ones but I like these ones much better. Especially as I don't have to match up all the lines when applying them to the water bottle. 

New water bottle label  (my photo)
Original water bottle label (my photo)
So this is my day for bottle wrapping as I'm currently off work for an eye problem which has been causing me grief for the last week. They were very nearly going to admit me to hospital, but seeing as I'm a nurse and understand the importance of regular eye drops, I kinda got away with it with plus plus pleading not to admit me as I work in the hospital and knowing some of the doctors who were helping me get my eye sorted. Thank god the eyeball is on the mend and that I've got unused sick leave. I have brought the same Coles Natural Spring Water Bottles which come in a 24 bottle pack for $7 and I'm attempting to drink my way through the original bottles as I can't get the sticky label to come off them without leaving white sticker and gum all over the bottle which is rather annoying but the plus is, that I stay hydrated haha.

Water bottle pack from Coles $7 (my photo)
So that's how I'm going to spend my day today, and it means I can tick another task off the dwindling list. Yippee!!!

Some of the finished water bottles (my photo)


  1. I like them and if you're not having any stripes throughout the rest of your wedding, then I think these look a lot better! Great work xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much :) It was definitely worth the wait for them to arrive

  3. Look great :-) glad you're so hydrated too!

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