Saturday, July 28, 2012

Pre Wedding Accomodation .. For the boys!

I've been searching for some nice accommodation for the boys for the pre wedding night that didn't cost the earth, and they had a mystery deal recently for five star accommodation in the Sydney CBD. 

Photo credit to Going Places
I'd been looking at the Amora Jamieson and the Sofitel originally for the boys, but we decided to go with the mystery deal as it would save a couple of hundred dollars in the long run and ended up with the Amora Jamieson which is pretty cool . It's located in Jamieson Street, just off George Street, near the rocks, which is very close and very accessible to our reception.

We've booked one room for two nights so the boys don't have to worry about a late check out, that is the one that FH will be staying in and then one of his boy's can move in there the night after so they don't have to go back to the shire from the city and can enjoy breakfast in the morning instead. The second room is a twin room, so the groomsmen can stay in comfort and they can all enjoy getting ready together.

Deluxe King Room at the Amora Jamieson
Deluxe Twin Room at the Amora Jamieson

They will all converge in the double room after the twin room has checkout on the morning of the wedding. And the Amora has some nice lounge and dining rooms which will look fantastic for photos and they can hang out around the hotel getting ready with the photographer. 

The Foyer

The Entrance
We originally didn't have a car for the boys, but I've arranged the third car that we have booked through Wedding Cars of Distinction to pick up the boys and take them to the Rose garden, where we are having our ceremony. So that way they don't have to walk, wait for a taxi or turn up late. 

Mark 5 Jaguar for the boys
The benefit of having the room for the second night means that they don't have to worry about finding somewhere to hang out prior to the ceremony starting. Yes it is an extra couple of hundred bucks, but I think peace of mind is much better. So check out the mystery deals as you never know what you might get but if your not fussy with location like we weren't you can end up with a really good deal as we have saved at least $200 on each room per night.


  1. That worked out perfectly! Looks like such a nice hotel too, can't complain about that! :)

    1. Yeah I was pretty stoked as its five star, and quite nice inside, so i'm definitely glad as the rooms are usually bout $330 - 450 and we got it for $230, so very very happy