Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Wishing Well - Reception Signage

Here is my next dilemma - how do you make people aware of your wishing well and what they are supposed to do with it. Put a sign up of course. But then what do you write on that sign? After intensive searching, dear google has given me some ideas. So this post is about my wishing well signage inspiration and what I've decided to do.

Reception signage for gifts and well wishes - Photo credit to Celebrations at Home Blog
But to be honest, I haven't really been inspired by anything that I found on the internet, its more about posting your card in the post box or filing your wishes in a card box. It kinda stumped me a wee bit, so I tried to make one up myself, which I didn't really like very much. 

My original idea, but it didn't seem to flow very well, which drove me nuts and caused me to lie in bed at night wondering what else I could write instead (my photo)
So I got inventive and found the wishing well insert that I had included in the invites when I'd sent them out in March. See below for the photo of the insert:

Wishing well poem - feel free to use if you need some inspiration (my photo)
And came up with the below wording. I passed it by FH and he agrees that it is much better than my dodgy first one. I had to include 'lift the lid of the birdcage' as some of the guests may wonder how to put the card in the bird cage, so that proved a little bit difficult in making it sound alright and not like an instruction being issued.

The decent worded sign (my photo)
So I got myself down to the Reject Shop again and this time picked up the Emily frame for $6. Not the best quality but it sits so much better than the ones that I had originally brought from Bi Low. When I stood the Bi Low ones up, the stand at the back bowed in the middle and the frame slipped over. I solved this problem by asking the lovely sales person at the reject shop to show me how they stood. I really didn't want to rip the packaging open in the shop so figured if I got someone who worked there to do it, it wouldn't be a problem.

Emily frame $6 from The Reject Shop (my photo)
So I got my trusty slicer again and sliced the card to size, put a black back on the white card and taped it over the front of the matt board included in the frame, as the original insert was just a smidgen too narrow and this one fits perfectly in the frame.  See below for the finished product.. 

My finished frame to sit next to the wishing well on the gift and guest book table (my photo)


  1. i LOVE the typewriter idea - i suggest put it somewhere visible. Possibly foyer while people are waiting to go into the reception. {not sure what your reception layout is like}

    1. Haha unfortunately we aren't doing the typewriter idea it was just a reception image that had some signs on the table. But I do agree it is a pretty cool idea.

  2. I love the typewriter idea. We're not having a wishing well as we are asking people to travel across the world to attend our wedding but I'd like to incorporate a typewriter into either our wedding, engagement party or hometown cocktail reception x

    1. Yeah that sounds like the typewriter would definitely work for you.

  3. Oh yay! Love it, it looks lovely. Not too flash that it will take attention away from the birdcage, but gorgeous and elegant :)

  4. Thank you. I was going for simple and elegant and its worked perfectly. I didn't really want tacky little signs so I'm happy with the way its come up :)

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